Engineered Floors Avant Garde

Engineered Floors Avant Garde
Engineered Flooring’s Avant Garde collection offer the stunning visuals of hardwood flooring with technology that excels in design and function. This creates vinyl floors that resemble the look of real hardwood flooring. Each plank in the Avant Garde collection has wood grain that is digitally printed directly onto it. The high definition scanning technology captures the image of real wood and advanced digital printing replicates the visual and embossing on the planks in 3D. In order to make floors appear more natural and authentic, floors have a minimal pattern repeat.

The Avant Garde collection has exceptional durability to it with Evertuff Clearcoat technology. When it comes to indentations and scratches, these floors are exceptional at resisting every day wear and tear. Have pets and/or kids and worried about spills and accidents? These floors are also 100% waterproof.

Planks come in a size of 8" X 60" and have a SPC core. Each plank is 5.0 mm thick. For an extra layer of protection, each plank is coated with an Evertuff UV Clear Coat. This is an acrylic based, highly durable UV cured coating. It is a matte finish that replicates the appearance of real hardwood flooring without the shine of plastic wear layers. This allows planks to really come to life and have more of a realistic appearance.

The collection is Floorscore certified. This means that the floors in this collection are in compliance with stringent indoor air quality emissions standards. The goal of the Floorscore certification is to have healthier and cleaner indoor air quality.

When it comes to warranty, these floors have a ten year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty. There is also a lifetime waterproof warranty and a lifetime pet warranty.

The Collection

The Avant Garde collection is made up of six varying colors that can complement any space from contemporary design to more rustic aesthetic. The collection ranges from medium golden browns to light, cool tone greys. No matter what your space looks like or what kind of interior design style you are going for, there is something for everyone in this collection. Beckham is a soothing light to medium brown. This is the perfect floor for a contemporary space where you want to add a touch of a rustic feel to it. The floor is sleek while still having hints of character to it that give it the timeless appearance of real hardwood flooring. Elizabeth is a warm, medium tone brown with hints of yellow throughout. This floor is perfect for adding a warm and open feeling to a kitchen or living room space. Hawthorne is a light brown mixed with hints of darker brown throughout. This floor has a bold and rustic appearance to it. It is perfect for adding a dramatic touch to a space while still giving it a rustic, natural appearance. Kingsley is a light, soothing grey floor that pairs well in a modern or contemporary space. This floor would also go well with neutral tones and a more minimalistic style. Thatcher is a dark, rich, and bold floor. This is the darkest flooring option in the collection. This is perfect for a more formal space in a home or for a home office or den area. Winston is a light, soothing grey. This cool tone floor is perfect for a more contemporary and/or minimal space.

See something you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions you may have about the Avant Garde collection or flooring in general. If you would like to see more flooring options from Engineered Floors, be sure to check out their other collections here.

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