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Emser Tile Thread II

Emser Tile Thread II
Emser Tile Thread IIporcelain tile floors are a stylish and eye­catching collection well suited for any interior design scheme. The surface is designed to offer the soft look of fabric, but with the strength and durability found in a porcelain tile floor. Perfect for accentuating modern or artistic spaces, the design of this unique lineup is sure to make any room the focal point of a home.

You can choose from 3 sizes along with a mosaic and bullnose option for custom design effects in any room. In general, a porcelain tile's size affects the spatial depth and ambience of a room. This series offes a 12”x12”, 6”x24” and 12”x24” to meet various design tastes. Our flooring design experts can help you choose the best color and size for your project needs.

With five available colors to choose from, there is sure to be a shade to match just about any modern home’s décor, and this series is perfect for adding flair to any room of the house, whether it be living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

Turn to Thread II White for a natural looking light gray that melds with various color schemes. Bathrooms and modern kitchens are great landing spots for this model. Light colored drapes are a subtle complement to this tone, while darker fabrics are a starker contrast.

For a softer shade, Heritage Oyster shows subtle details that closely mimic what nature takes centuries to produce. Hints of water and sand swept effects are apparent in the surface. Living rooms with a large windows or bathrooms with glass enclosures and brass fixtures are great choices for this model.

The versatile options continue with Biscuit, a light tan color with a slight golden hue. At the other end of the spectrum is Twilight, which is a dark, almost black grey shade.

This roster is not only attractive and artistic but also weather resistant, which makes it a great porcelain flooring and wall tile option for outdoor use as well. Porches, balconies, and other outdoor areas can be endowed with the warm appearance of woven fabric using this modern tile. The decorative accents that are also available in this series make it possible for all to express their own unique personality and style in their space’s design. The floor listellos, mosaics, and other decorative options in this set accentuate the modern look of this tile, creating a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Please call us for estimates on Emser Tile Thread II porcelain tile flooring. We will quote square footage and arrange for shipping.

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