Emser Tile Downtown

Emser Tile Downtown
Emser Pergamo porcelain tile flooring

Emser Tile Downtown porcelain tile flooring brings urban chic to any living space with rich details and a modern color palette. A cosmopolitan blend of shades in visually striking porcelain tiles makes it easy to achieve various design effects in rooms of all sizes. Robust but beautiful, this surface is resistant to the stains, scratches and moisture damage.

Designers easily achieve an array of artistic goals within this single collection. Peace of mind, perfect style and a manufacturer’s warranty back this tile as a solid investment over time. This series affords shades crafted to enhance the ambience of any scene. Six stunning options is bold, but not loud. It is striking but with a gentle touch. Each long tile flows with a subtle movement thanks to the strokes of light color variation found within.

From the Broadway grey to the midnight tones of Downtown Vigil, individual colors are explored with each point on the color spectrum represented with lovely flowing tones. Downtown Hill is a favorite for those looking for wood look porcelain tile floors. Consider this selection for living rooms, kitchens and dens intended to exude a luxurious impression. Figueroa is smooth with light milk chocolate browns delicately brushed by pale almond highlights, making it an exceptional warm neutral backdrop for a friendly but stylish contemporary interior.  

Emser Tile Downtown is available in long tile strips sized 6” x 35”. This trending style is perfect for use on floors, walls, countertops, or outdoor use in both residential and light commercial settings. Resistant to water, chemicals and freezing, this sensible and sustainable tile is built to last. Ranking 7 on MOHS hardness scale, this tile allows you to bring home style that will resist the elements over time. Bring home this strong, beautiful tile today for the interior of your dreams.
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