Eleganza Concrete Moderne

Eleganza Concrete Moderne
The Eleganza Concrete Porcelain Tile Flooring Collection series draws guidance from modern, urban cities. It explores the complex characteristics of concrete and puts them on display by using an exciting new HD ink-jet printing process all while offering a vast range of color, form and texture. The possibilites are endless.

This collection comes in two different sizes that can be used as one or interchanged for a post modern pattern. The first is a large-format size of 24x48 inches, with rectified edges, and offered in both a matte and semi-polished finish. The second size is a 24" inch x 24" inch which is still considered a large format but brings a different visual than the rectangle shapes. Again featuring the flater mattre finish and a slight polished version as well. The gorgeous and luxe four-color palette brings originality and opulence to any room, and is recommended for both indoor and outdoor residential or commercial spaces giving you ultimate versatility when it comes to the application process. In Concrete White Cloud (SKU: LI612SM1101), you'll find a pearly shade of white, kissed by a light, pinkish beige, that creates a dreamy love affair between your floors and your retinas. On the opposite end, and for a tougher, more masculine look, Concrete Gun Powder (SKU: LI612SM1104) is a dark, charcoal gray that lives up to its moniker. Also in this collection are Concrete Argento (SKU: LI612SM1103) a slighty darker version of the final color in the series, Concrete Ash Grey (SKU: LI612SM1102). Both shades are a blend of beige and gray with modern design qualities that look every bit as authentic as real stone does. To finish off the series, a hexagon mosaic that has almost 4 inch sizes mesh mounted on a ten inch by 11 inch sheet.

With high design and engineering, and all the value you'd expect from porcelain tile, the Eleganza Concrete Stone-Look Tile Flooring Collection is defined by contemporary designs and styles. This collection adds the look of luxury, with the low maintenance, practicality and affordable price point (versus real stone) that tile is known for. Added versatility comes in the form of various colors and two different textures, lending this collection to multifaceted, blended design capabilities. This cost-friendly collection looks anything but so prepare yourself for the oohs and aahs of envious visitors.

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