EcoTimber Bamboo

Eco Timber Eco Bamboo Flooring

EcoTimber, in addition to hardwood, also manufactures bamboo flooring products to complement its promise of environmentally beneficial practices. As bamboo is technically a grass and not a wood, it regenerates by itself after being cut and harvested, so no replanting strategies are needed. Bamboo also grows rapidly, sometimes shooting up 39” in 24 hours. By the time bamboo reaches maturity in about 4-6 years—which is incredibly shorter than all hardwoods—it is harvested and then processed into flooring planks with eco-friendly bonding compounds under high temperature and pressure. Bamboo can be a great flooring choice, as it relieves some of the burden that the demand for hardwood flooring puts upon forests around the globe. In appearance, bamboo is quite similar to hardwood planks with its own unique subtleties that entice homeowners to install it as a simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly option.

EcoTimber bamboo is available in two beautiful styles that will bring out your home décor’s personality. Its EcoSolid Forest line showcases the natural variation found in pressed bamboo planks, which will give your home visuals unattainable from other flooring products. For slightly more variation in color and style, be sure to consider EcoTimber’s Foundation Strand collection. With shades that range from natural tan to dark cherry, these bamboo flooring planks have the potential to match a wide variety of home design schemes. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or modern patterns, Foundation Strand will satisfy your personal specifications. As bamboo is not only environmentally sustainable but also durable against the elements, it’s hard to go wrong with EcoTimber bamboo as a premier flooring choice.

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