Earthwerks Montana

Earthwerks Montana
Earthwerks Montana Plank offers the finest in wood look luxury vinyl tile flooring. You will find classic variations on the traditional hardwood look with rich details, intricate patterns and authentic grain. More designers are turning to vinyl plank floors to achieve hardwood aesthetics and greater durability at a lower cost. The extreme measures required for the care of natural wood and higher costs are often deal­breakers for many homeowners.

This luxury vinyl floor collection mimics the attributes of popular species with pinpoint details, such as grain, pattern and color variations. Eco­friendly design themes will appreciate the 50 percent recycled content, which has earned this collection a Green4Life approval. A soft footprint and big design effects are the hallmark of this lineup. This helps contractors meet 'green designations' for various remodeling or new construction projects as well.

The 7.24”x37.4” luxury vinyl planks are available in six subtly distinct colors. Montana Plank GMP 9914 is the lightest of these colors and radiates a glowing tan ideal for rooms with high ceilings and skylights. A minimalist design theme will accentuate this effect, along with bright colored fabrics. You can use white or cream colored drapes for a subtle complement, or darker fabrics for a striking contrast.

Turn to Montana Plank GMP 9932 for a rustic tone chock full of matte brown patterns that resemble antique wood. This look has been cherished for generations and is now available at affordable prices. Furniture made from reclaimed wood or vintage décor is well suited for this model.

For a versatile option that goes well with many décor schemes; consider Montana Plank GMP 9925 for an intermediate oak that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and family alike. You can remodel with confidence know this vinyl floor's color will match changing design themes.

To learn more about or order Earthwerks Montana Plank luxury vinyl flooring, please contact us for easy quotes and hassle free shipping.

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