Earthwerks Brighton

Earthwerks Brighton
Earthwerks Brighton vinyl flooring brings nature infused beauty to all of your living spaces. The 7” x 48” vinyl planks show stunning details that mimic the intricate patterns, grain and color variations of numerous species. Each of the 6 available colors has the common benefits of lasting beauty and rugged durability. The vinyl floor planks consist of a wear layer film and backing, which guards against stains and scratches that can plague hardwood surfaces. Glue down installation provides a lasting fit and keeps remodeling or new construction projects on schedule. The surface is easy to clean and can withstand years of foot traffic. A residential warranty provides further peace of mind.

What are the advantages of a wood look vinyl floor? You will enjoy a cost efficient alternative to wood surfaces that is easier to maintain and longer lasting. As a budget friendly option, designers can maximize their budget for a top to bottom design. There is little if any sacrifice in terms of aesthetics, as the wide plank design makes patterns and color variances readily apparent.

In general, broader width planks make expansive spaces seem cozier, while small rooms seem larger. Your new vinyl floor's color will also enhance or underscore this effect. Our product specialists are happy to suggest design ideas that match your project.

Earthwerks Brighton BNP 7659 is the most luxurious and stately color in this collection. The dark brown tones contain warm accents that are ideal for master bedrooms or living rooms with vintage wood décor. White crown moldings and cream drapes create a sharp contrast, while darker fabrics are a more subtle complement. Whatever the choice, a sophisticated feel enhances the appeal of almost any room.

Looking for a light colored alternative? Turn to Brighton BNP 7658 for coffee colored charm that is versatile and beautiful. The neutral tones match well with all design concepts, including vintage, modern and minimalist. You can remodel with confidence as design trends change with rooms that are clad in this shade.

At the darkest end of the color spectrum lies Brighton BNP­7656. The charcoal like color has variations of white and black speckles that show a weather worn look. White or cream décor has an eye popping effect when paired with this model.

Please call us to order Earthwerks Brighton vinyl flooring. We will quote prices per square foot and arrange for shipping.

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