Daltile Veranda

Daltile Veranda
Daltile Veranda porcelain tile flooring offers fifteen perfectly shaded tile colors and eight different sizes, making this series one of the most versatile and adaptable porcelain tile lines on the.

As a collection, it represents a great choice for anyone looking unique and bold color variations capable of adapting to highly customized design schemes. With many different decorative accents available, designers have a high degree of latitude and many options for enhancing the distinctive character of a location.

Neutral to audacious, this collection offers the color you are looking for with a selection that includes names like: Veranda Ocean, Patina, Rawhide, Rust, Gunmetal, Titanium and Zinc. The Gunmetal color option is a perfect choice for a bold, modern ambience with its navy blues and steely greys. Rawhide emanates a more rustic and traditional feel with its shades of deep sienna and slight hints of rich ochre with delicately textured details similar to the look of deeply tanned leather. Ocean is cool with mellow hues of turquoise, green, and teal, create a calm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere that is sure to make a lasting impression. This is not to neglect more traditional neutral tones also available in this inclusive collection, such as the Veranda Pearl or Sand which are a gorgeous old lace white and sandstone tan, respectively.

Daltile Veranda gives you the choice of massive and chic 20"x20" large format, square tiles, standard 13"x13" square tiles, rectangular 13"x20" tiles, smaller 6.5x"6.5" squares, or elongated 6.5"x20" planks. Mosaic tiles are also available in the rainbow spectrum of colors this collection has to offer. The designer’s imagination the only limit to the artistic applications and combinations possible with this versatile collection. As an additional bonus, the tile’s absorption rating of less than 0.5 percent means the series is appropriate for locations not only throughout your home but also outdoors.

Look no further for a fun, functional and attractive tile sure to add aesthetic value to your residential or commercial property.
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