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Daltile Season Wood flooring replicates the rustic looks of pine, redwood, applewood, and spruce in a durable porcelain format that won't succumb to damage from water and that won't buckle over time. With a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent, feel free to install Season Wood pretty much anywhere, including kitchens, laundry rooms, and baths so you can enjoy authentic wall-to-wall hardwood looks throughout your home. Resistant to chemicals as well, Season Wood requires no special cleaners to keep this floor looking pristine, unlike certain types of real hardwood that need certain formulations to avoid fading over time. One of the things we love about this Daltile collection is its replication of pinewood. Real wood from pine trees is extremely porous and in spite of its natural beauty, it's not a first-line flooring choice due to its soft nature. With Season Wood, pine aesthetics can be enjoyed without all of real pine's drawbacks, and even the highly-trained eye can be fooled at first thanks to advancements in high-definition imaging technology. In addition to floors, don't be afraid to use these color-body porcelain tiles on the wall as well as for countertops and backsplashes.


Daltile Season Wood porcelain flooring is available in four sizes. The 8" x 48" plank size is the most popular, as more people are gravitating toward wider dimensions especially for wood-look tile. The 6" x 48" is more in line with traditional styles and is popular with hardwood purists. This collection is also offered in wider 12" x 48" and slab-like 24" x 48" porcelain tiles. Getting these larger dimensions from real hardwood is somewhat difficult, and your houseguests will certainly be impressed by the sheer size of your "hardwood" floor... Don't worry; your secret's safe with us.


Daltile's Tru-EdgeTM technology is used in the Season Wood collection to enhance realism and permit the application of extremely narrow grout lines. Standard ceramic and porcelain tiles are cut to size before they are fired in a kiln, and this sometimes causes slight variations in the shape of the tiles. With Tru-Edge, the tiles are cut after firing, so each tile precisely matches the dimensions that are listed on the box without any size anomalies. This process, more commonly known as rectification, is used in most wood-look tile flooring, and we're glad that Daltile Season Wood is no exception.

Seasonal Colors

Each of the five colors in the Daltile Season Wood collection attempts to represent the changing seasons and the shades that go with them. All colors tend to skew toward the lighter side of the spectrum, with the innate ability to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere to your home.

Autumn Wood is the darkest shade in the collection, replete with mid-tone browns and off-white streaking patterns for a weather-worn, hand-scraped hardwood look. This shade is certainly a favorite of designers who favor rustic décor, and its placement in the foyer is a great way to impress your houseguests.

Snow Pine is reminiscent of what its name implies: snow-covered pine trees deep in the woods. The bright reflective white finish is tattered with hints of light brown streaks and subtle speckles ideal for an ambience that reflects the style of rustic cabins and humble mountain retreats.

Redwood Grove is a soft summer color perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. The hints of red and peach shades within each tile plank are good at drawing in just enough natural light from the outdoors without being too overpowering.

Winter Spruce is more or less a dustier muted version of Snow Pine. While not as bright, it definitely brings out a similar motif characteristic of secluded mountain homes perfect for those who desire a sense of relaxation throughout their home.

The color that showcases the most versatility is Orchard Grey. The patina on each plank is a mild blend of greys, subtle blues, browns, peaches, and soft charcoals that pair well in both contemporary and traditional design settings. Try this option out in rooms with cathedral-style ceilings or large windows for an inviting, open-air atmosphere.

Quick Design Tips

Each color in Daltile Season Wood is highly varied, but you can further increase this by using more than one color for your floors, walls, or countertops. Orchard Grey looks great when paired with Snow Pine, and for a subtler contrast you could try mixing Redwood Grove with Autumn Wood. For something bolder, consider going with a herringbone installation or alternating plank sizes, the latter of which is great for achieving a layered, patchworked style.

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