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Daltile River Marble

Daltile River Marble
Daltile River Marble tile flooring collection is, in two words, a mosaic masterpiece. With swirls of white carefully blended together, this collection seeks to entice and fulfill the love of true marble flooring for genuine marble flooring fans. It is anything but ordinary and has a protective flooring component that aims to protect and preserve its natural charm and beauty. For the lovers of genuine Italian marble floors, this collection is that and so much more, but for much less money. Marble and art lovers of the world can rejoice, there is a collection that strives to satisfy both desires.

This marble flooring assemblage offers an exciting array of colors leaving much to be admired. Daltile River Marble Muddy Banks is a cinnamon color in appearance with hints of chocolate brown that creatively balance its symmetry. River Marble River Rapids perfectly matches the clever play on its name in appearance. It is a faint white mixed with grainy bits of brown brilliantly polished to finish off its textured look. River Marble Sandy Flats is a sumptuous and rich marble mashup of Cimarron and ivory marble. It can be seamlessly paired in any residential or commercial kitchen. River Marble Silver is a mixture of silver and slightly tawny colored marble that could be a flawless backdrop for a dinner party with friends. If you are looking for something a little edgier, Daltile River Marble Smoky River is it. River Marble Smoky River is a mesmerizing mingling of marble browns, subtle ivory, and dark chocolate. It even gives edgy a much needed facelift.

With deep veining, classic color combinations, and a subtle contemporary style, this collection is a rare antiquity of utter marble magnificence in every detail. Every shade comes in a multitude of sizes; 12x24,12x36, 8x36 and 6x24. To further accentuate its natural essence, each shade is offered in a plank look with a Bullnose feature to add to the collection overwhelming charm. Most of the time, marble is simple in appearance, but this collection knocks this theory on its feet appearing to look more like smoke hitting light from behind than you typical marble flooring. Though it seems to be an illusion, it is true marble and simply stunning. Marble is a bold choice for flooring, be, if possible, even more marble by choosing a delicious collection like Daltile River Marble. It is a collection that cannot steer you wrong.
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