Daltile Metal Fusion

Daltile Metal Fusion

The sleek, polished metal industrial look is captured with the in the Daltile Metal Fusion tile collection. This stark and stylish tile line is ideal for use in modern homes and contemporary office spaces. This tile selection of the popular Colorbody Porcelain line, renowned for its durability, beauty, and style. Its ideal for use on floors, walls, countertops, pool linings, vanities, and more.

This slick industrial collection is available in three distinct colors, all with metallic granules to give the seemingly dull colors polished surfaces for a glossy modern look. The Daltile Metal Fusion Stainless Steel is clean medium grey with subtle shade variations speckling the medium grey background. Zinc Oxide is smoky charcoal grey with lighter cloudy accents scattering all across the charcoal background. Bronzed Copper is a rusty brown shade with hints of grey and tan. With all of this in mind, this selection of tiles look striking when laid in a single color arrangement, but the line really comes to life when alternating colors and sizes are used. For example, Stainless Steel and Bronzed Copper form a particularly bold contrast. This tile collection flawlessly captures industrial chic in a bold new way.

The Daltile Metal Fusion tile selection comes in four bold sizes. Fitting with the modern chic theme of this collection, there is the smaller 8x24 plank, ready for you to mix it up and create whatever patterns you can think up. The larger 16x14 is for those really desiring to make a bold statement by showing off their industrial chic floors in a contemporary way. On the other hand, there are two classic sizes to choose from, too, which creates a striking dissonance with the very modern tile collection. On one hand, the 24x24 allows you to make the boldest statement as it is the largest size tile. If you still want that dissonance feeling but not necessarily use tiles of that size, there is also the 16x16 option to choose from as well. No matter what size or color you choose, you are sure to turn heads with this amazing floor choice.

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