Daltile Kimona Silk

Daltile Kimona Silk
Daltile Kimona Silk is a porcelain tile uniquely suited to meeting the needs of those interested in creating a space which is personal, inviting, and exceptional. This tile offers the appearance of weaved fabric. Eight different colors allows for many designs possibilities to explore. Style combinations are virtually limitless when using the distinctive neutral palette. Coordinating backsplashes and other design options are available. Specially sized tile is included in this series for creating borders or otherwise offsetting square tiles. Small square tiles also make the perfect edition to matching bathroom décor.

The colors available are versatile, allowing them to match most color schemes. Examples of this adaptable line include: Kimona Silk Rice Paper, Sprout, Chai Tea, Panda Black, Imperial Gray, and Morning Dove. Each color contains a rich fibrous texture which adds depth and add to the atmosphere of any room. As the names imply, each tile color brings with it the beauty, form, and function one typically associates with Eastern design principles.

Kimona Silk Sprout is a creamy tan perfect in its conveyance of tranquility to any scene. The Chai Tea tiles are as warm and dark as the deep brew of fresh Chai Tea.

Imperial Gray and Morning Dove, though both are gray, offer dark and light tones, respectively.

Kimona Silk Panda Black, the darkest of the entire series, offers a beautiful dark black that matches most décor flawlessly with the refined elegance of Japanese calligraphy.

Many more options exist within this line, but all colors are inspired by the nature and wildlife of the Asian continent. The full range of colors provided in this series deliver soft tones that are without peer when in terms of their ability to create a relaxing space.

Available in sizes small, standard 12” x 12”, mid-sized 12” x 24”, and larger format 24” x 24” tiles. Dalite Kimona Silk tiles to your interior space is a durable and versatile solution to your interior design needs. This line of attractive and tasteful tiles is a perfect flooring solution for transforming any otherwise common space into a palace of serenity.
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