Daltile Fabrique

Daltile Fabrique
Daltile Fabrique porcelain tile is a unique flooring option that features the appearance of finely woven fabric in six gorgeous and fashion-forward colors. Truly an easily traveled path towards adding style and warmth to a space, this collection carries a palette with a serene appearance that moves gently with fine striations of detail flowing from tile to tile.

The eye-catching style and remarkable comfort that the collection affords consistently transforms personal and public spaces alike. In fact, as a collection, these tiles are highly favored in the building community and is recurrently used and found in a long list of business establishments.

Select from six colors with the natural appeal of naturally dyed fabric tones: Fabrique Blanc Linen, Crème Linen, Soleil Linen, Brun Linen, Gris Linen, and Noir Linen. From dark to light, the colors ranges from Blanc Linen, a cashmere white, to Noir Linen, a like the flowing black of Indian ink on a linen scroll. Fabrique Crème Linen, one of the tones in the middle range of this sophisticated collection is a gauzy light beige like the sails of an ancient Asian ship. Soleil is a bright wheat colored tile with delicate blanched almond highlights. Perfect for traditional and contemporary settings alike, this smoothly styled tile can be applied to both floors and walls and offers an abundance of accent and embellishing options. Simply stated, this collection is highly versatile and allows for buildouts that boast refinement while maintaining designer personality.

Daltile Fabrique is available in 12”x12” and 24”x24” square tiles. This collection can also be purchased as wide, rectangular 12”x24” tiles or thinner 4”x24” or 6”x24” tiles. Additionally, perfectly matched mosaics and decorative trim pieces can easily be used to tailor a project to precisely match the desired look and feel of any space.

Perfect for all residential and commercial applications, this tile series is a chic and affordable solution for transforming any area into a stylish and cozy space.
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