Daltile Acacia Valley

Daltile Acacia Valley Ark Tile Flooring

Acacia Valley by Daltile

is a color-body porcelain tile collection that highlights the bold, highly varied colors and patterns found in exotic acacia hardwood. As acacia wood planks come with a steep price tag since most of the raw material is imported all the way from Africa, the Acacia Valley flooring line eliminates the need for expensive transportation and reduces environmental strain. While we do love real-exotic wood, this Daltile floor is a great alternative that is not only more environmentally friendly but also water resistant and more durable. Bring the wild aesthetics of exotic woods into areas that don't do so well with timber, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and covered outdoor decks.


Daltile Acacia Valley wood-look tile collection comes in two dimensions depending on your design preferences. Go with a standard 6" x 36" or a wider 9" x 36" color-body porcelain plank. If you're feeling adventurous, there's no need to limit yourself to one size. Mix and match dimensions for increased visual diversity.


Not all tiles are rectified, but most wood-look porcelain tiles are. Daltile uses its very own Tru-EdgeTM technology to ensure the most accurate and precise uniform dimensions on each plank. This is done by cutting the tiles to size after they are fired in a kiln rather than before, which allows homeowners and designers to achieve much narrower grout lines than possible with unrectified ceramic and porcelain. This enhances the realism of Daltile Acacia Valley, as each grouping of wood-look planks appears level and close together for that authentic wood visual.

Tile Colors

The wave-like graining and alternating light and dark shades found in the Daltile Acacia Valley Ark color option, really brings out the exotic beauty of real-untouched acacia wood. These Daltile planks are an excellent choice for contemporary décor and pairs perfectly with large leather living room furnishings. Its lighter finish can also fit very well in kitchens with skylights and rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing a bright atmosphere into your home with characteristics of a contemporary style.

Daltile Acacia Valley Ridge is the darkest of the four colors, with deep brown undulating hues and black streaking ideal for a solidly traditional look with hints of exotic flavor. Match your furnishings to the color of these Acacia Valley planks or go with off-white couches and tables for maximum contrast, which really illuminates your living area to be quite striking.

Daltile Acacia Valley Ash, in contrast with Ridge, is the lightest option that sports a snowy, whitish-grey patina that works best in modern design schemes. Consider pairing this tile floor with glass tables and black furnishings for sharp, cutting visual variations.

Daltile Acacia Valley Alder is certainly the most neutral color in this collection, with muted medium browns and hints of olive green hues. We love this option when paired with rustic or minimalistic design, as it combines both the subtle and the exotic for a strikingly beautiful floor.

Quick Design Tips

Since Acacia Valley comes in two dimensions and four colors, you can really have fun with the design patterns possible with this collection. For something on the fancier side, consider opting for a herringbone pattern with alternating colors. Use Ash and Ridge for maximum contrast, or alternate between Alder and Ark for increasing color variation without getting too crazy. Another way designers like to use these tiles is alternating plank sizes. This creates a layered yet flowing look throughout the home. Another less common design tip is to alternate sections of the floor between horizontally and vertically placed tiles, which can enhance spatial depth depending on room dimensions.

Best Online Pricing

If you are ready to buy or need help choosing what Daltile Acacia Valley color and design is perfect for your home project – feel free to contact one of our flooring specialist! By calling one of our specialists you will receive the best online price available for Daltile Acacia Valley! We’re here help and match your needs. 510.698.5142.

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