Coretec Wood

Coretec Wood
The Coretec Wood collection offers the natural beauty of wood flooring with durable planks that are made to last for years to come.

Each plank in the collection has multiple layer to it. The UV Matte Aluminum Finish layer provides each plank with a durable layer that gives each floor a superior stain resistance. A high-density mineral core makes the flooring 100% waterproof and gives the floor extra support making it resistant to warping or swelling. These floors are also incredibly quiet and warm with an attached core underlayment that blocks out the chills and noise from underneath the floors.

Planks can be installed below, on, or above grade level.

The collection is Greenguard certified. This ensures that there are no chemicals that the floor is exposing homes or commercial spaces to.

When it comes to warranties, the collection comes with a Residential Lifetime Structural warranty and a Commercial Lifetime Structural warranty.

The Collection

The Coretec Wood collection comes in numerous wood varieties that range in tones from warm, inviting, and rustic to cool, sleek, and contemporary. No matter what type of interior design or color palette a room is, there is something for every space in this collection.

Fawn Hickory and Kai Hickory are both rich, deep brown tones. The floors blend together deep brown tones, light browns, and rich red highlights. These floors add a bold and sophisticated appearance to a space. Longbow Oak is the darkest flooring option in the collection. It is a blend of dark chocolatey browns with highlights of light browns. The highlights in this floor give it a warm appearance while the darkness of the wood gives it a bold look. Afton Hickory has a unique appearance to it. It is a blend of light and dark brown tones. The blend gives this floor a rustic feel.

Finn Oak is a mid-tone brown floor that adds a warm to a space.

Sylvan Oak and Haven Oak are both light grey and beige flooring options that give a space a calm and sophisticated feel.

There are a variety of blonde flooring options in this collection. Linden Oak is a light blonde tone that opens up a space and gives it a calm feeling. Wren Oak is a blend of warm brown tones and light blonde highlights. Both floors are perfect for open spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms. Robin Hickory is a blend of blonde and tan tones that have rustic knots throughout. The floor has a light and rustic appearance to it.

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