Chesapeake Game Changer

Chesapeake Game Changer
The Chesapeake Game Changer collection...where do we even begin? For starters, this engineered hardwood series has changed the game! It offers 6.5 inch wide planks, paired with a subtle textured, low gloss finish and micro-beveled edges. This collection is easy to maintain, thanks to its engineered multiple core construction that has a 1.5mm wear layer. On top of all that, this collection comes in seven different colors and styles, each crafted from the Birch species. Quality Flooring 4 Less also offers the full manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase from us! (Yes, you read that right.) In this case, the Chesapeake Game Changer collection comes equipped with a 30 year limited residential warranty, and a 5 year limited commercial warranty. These planks can also be installed using a variety of techniques, including staple, glue, and the trusty float methods. Keep reading to learn more about each of these unique colors.

Colors and Styles

If you have a special spot in your heart for red undertones like we do, be sure to check out the stunning Barkley color. These planks will bring warmth to any area of home with ease, thanks to the amber-colored hues. This option is sure to serve as a timeless aspect of your interior design, and will go with anything. Another great option is the Russell color. Russell is similar to Barkley, except it is a darker, richer version of it. These floors are intense and will definitely make a bold statement, in the best way possible! Brady is another color that offers some red undertones, but not as vibrant as Barkley or Russell. The Brady floors embody a chocolate brown base tone, with very slight and delicate auburn detailing. These floors are perfect for anyone looking for a timeless and unique ambience.

If you are more interested in neutral tones like beige or chestnut, look no further! The Chesapeake Game Changer has some beautiful options for you, including the Jordan and Pippen styles. The Jordan floors have a stunning arrangement of knots and grains, creating a rustic atmosphere. These planks have a blend of lighter beige shades and medium brown tones. This charming combination makes for a gorgeous design that will complement a variety of styles. The Pippen floors are darker than the previous option, and have more gray and silver colors on the surface. These are great for those who want their home to appear more elegant and sophisticated.

James is the darkest option in the series, and it is absolutely striking! If you want to intensify and elevate your home’s interior design, be sure to check out the James style. These planks are a rich combination of dark and medium chocolate shades. The Elway color is one of the lighter options from the Game Changer series. Elway is beautiful and ultra-modern, thanks to its grey on grey design. If you want your home to embody any of the latest trends, check out Elway!

Chesapeake truly outdid themselves when they designed and launched the Game Changer collection. From the durable and sturdy construction of the actual wood, to the beautiful color palette, this series is a total game changer. (See what we did there?) Like always, if you have any questions about this particular flooring collection, or just have general questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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