Cerdomus Barrique

Cerdomus Barrique
Cerdomus Barrique Wood Look Porcelain Wall Tiles and Flooring is a vast and varied collection aimed at providing more design capabilities and diverse pattern opportunity. From the French, the word Barrique is an alternate, descriptive word for a wine barrel – especially one created from fresh oak, often used for Bordeaux. The use of Oak in the winemaking process has a profound effect on the resulting flavor, texture and profile of the wine. And that translates perfectly to this collection, which will wine and dine you from the moment you lay eyes on its versatile eight-color palette and begin to imagine covering your floors and walls with refined and rectified elegance.

The range of color and size options within this series makes your design options virtually limitless. Beginning with Barrique Bleu, the look of distressed wood is brought to life in a whitewashed, powder blue shade with a weathered design that includes subtle shades of brown. In Barrique Gris, a lighter shade of grey is authenticated with brown distressed markings – which you’ll also find in creamy Barrique Ecru and soft, whitewashed Barrique Blanc. The darkest shade – black – is presented in Barrique Noir. Three browns complete the eight-color collection, beginning with the medium and walnut toned Barrique Vert, moving to a warmer shade of brown in Barrique Brun, and finally in Barrique Fonce, a rich, chocolate hue delivers a deep and gorgeous final brunette shade. The variety of color in the series is only the beginning when it comes to versatility. Four sizes allow for creative free flow in the design process, leaving room for a one-of-a-kind flooring installation that has the look of genuine, distressed Oak hardwood, with the durability and incredible value only found in porcelain tile collections. Each color in the collection is available in shorter 4x24 inch and wider 8x24 inch planks, as well as elongated 4x40 inch and 8x40 inch planks. Adding even greater design versatility, two decorative mosaic pieces are available in each shade in 8x8 inch square tiles – along with “listello deco” pieces (a fancy Italian word for border trim); manufactured in all colors and 4x24 inches in size. Other accessory pieces available: 2x24 inch “boiserie” – or wood paneling trim, manufactured in four shades – and a nominal 24-inch long “bacchetta metallo,” or titanium metal liner rod, in three colors and two sizes. For trim, a nominal 2x40 inch or 2x24 inch “battiscopa” – or bullnose – is an add-on option with both lengths produced in all eight gorgeous and genuine colors.

The Cerdomus Barrique Porcelain Wall Tiles and Flooring Collection truly provides an extraordinary amount of options when it comes to color and design patterns – allowing for one-of-a-kind flooring installations with a wood grain aesthetic without the hardwood price tag.

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