Casa Dolce Casa Wooden

Casa Dolce Casa Wooden
Casa Dolce Casa Wooden Tile flooring truly lives up to the very meaning of its name in every sense of each word. The sensual and smooth colors combinations, ethereal appearance, and sleek stylings make this flooring collections as Italian as it gets. There is no shortage of chicness with this series. What is even more fantastic about this collection is its durability and water resistance allowing for low maintenance to match its overwhelming beauty. As Italians say, Ma aspettate, ce di piu (but wait, there is more)!

Casa Dolce Casa Wooden Almond is a fabulous mix of honey browns and chalky amber shades mixed with some golden highlights. We think it would fit perfectly in your living room or kitchen. Continue down your dark path with Casa Wooden Brown complete with its murky brown goodness to enhance even the more boring office space. Perhaps, the most bizarre pattern of the entire collection, Casa Dolce Casa Wooden Gray is different is a pink elephant with its chalky white and gray blends and swirls, it is a winning combination is aesthetic sophistication. Casa Wooden White is an interesting concept of muted, ivory with a speckled appearance while Casa Wooden Walnut is completely opposite looking identical to traditional walnut wood hardwood flooring and yet it is tile.

Unlike various other tile collections, this diverse assortment offers a variety of styles to enhance its flooring beauty. Choose from Naturale, Dcor, Reclaimed Naturale, Reclaimed Structured, Matte, Structured, Mosaic 3D, Mosaic. This exclusive series even offers a Bullnose to complete your flooring remodeling process perfectly. With its unique blend of shades and tones, incredibly stunning appearance, and multitude of finishes, Casa Dolce Casa Wooden is an unforgettable collection perfect for any design space. So if you are looking for a spicy update to the mundane office or home you possess, this collection adds a supreme touch.

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