Carlton Hardwood

Carlton Hardwood Flooring offers some of the most elegant, sophisticated engineered woods available for the residential market. In spite of the company’s mere 10 years of operation, Carlton has invested much time and effort into perfecting their products and looking for new species to work with. Carlton Hardwood Flooring not only puts emphasis on great wood construction but also excellence in design, giving them a competitive edge over many other flooring manufacturers.

Whether you desire smooth or hand-scraped engineered wood floors, Carlton will certainly have something to offer your widely varied design specifications. In addition to these positive attributes, Carlton engineered woods are quite versatile thanks to its wide range of species used, including walnut, birch, oak, and maple.

Carlton Hardwood Flooring can provide traditional and modern designers alike with aesthetics that will match an array of design sensibilities. Named after different areas scattered throughout Southern California—since the company is based in Los Angeles—each collection brings something different to the design table. Each collection also has a varied color palette, which further enhances the design permutations possible with Carlton hardwood. The Topanga option is a classic-style hardwood with hints of rustic allure, ideal for homes that need to emulate the décor of old-style canyon retreats and minimalist mountain getaways. Landmark is an incredibly detailed hardwood flooring collection, replete with natural grain patterns, knotholes, and timeworn visuals that can really breathe life into your living space with a dash of history. The subtle yet dignified Sonoma collection is offered in either a hand-scraped or smooth finish, so you can get both the texture and appearance that you desire. It’s hard to go wrong with Carlton Hardwood Flooring, so go wild with it, and consider these beautiful engineered floors for your next flooring project, large or small.

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