Caesar Gate

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Caesar Gate is a gorgeous modern flooring, perfect for any contemporary space whether itís in your home or commercial space. This chic tile focuses on a slick concrete-look brought to you in tile format. This is great news for those that prefer the style of tile flooring.

Coming in 7 fashionable colors, youíre sure to add a total upgrade to your room with this flooring collection alone. Caesar Gate Downtown is a perfect example of industrial flair as a hue inspired by the majestic look of a towering city. Breath is a great choice as a tile-concrete hybrid. This hue embodies the beauty of porcelain tile while mixing in the style of concrete to produce a light grey design. It is the happy-medium between grey and white. Broadway is a gorgeous choice for places you want to add light to a roomís atmosphere but want to do so with modern style. Finally, you have Greige which is a rustic industrial blend of copper and grey, fusing together to make an orange-grey design thatís unlike any modern design youíve seen.
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