Beauflor Pure

Beauflor Pure
The Beauflor Pure collection blends the beauty of hardwood flooring with the durability of viny flooring.

Have a family? Pets? These floors are pet and kid friendly. These floors are durable and scratch resistant. The flooring is made to withstand day to day wear and tear.

Planks in this collection are 8.03" x 52.20" and are 5 mm thick. Each plank also comes with a 22 mil wear layer for long-lasting durability.

When it comes to installation, the Beauflor Pure collection can be installed using the Dreamclick 360 patented locking system. Planks and tiles can be mixed together during installation. Flooring cam be installed in every room of a house and can also be installed on all subfloors. There is little to no subfloor preparation needed when it comes to installation and no pad is needed.

These floors are FloorScore certified so they are safe for residential and commercial use. The collection is made from 60% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

The collection comes with a Lifetime Residential warranty and a 10 year Light Commercial warranty.

The Beauflor Pure Collection

The Beauflor Pure collection offers a range of flooring options to choose from. From beiges to dark greys this collection offers many options. Whether a space is contemporary or rustic, there is a flooring option that will fit with that space.

The collection has a number of grey flooring options. Beauflor Pure Toulon Oak Flaxen is a dark grey floor that is perfect for a more contemporary space. With a slightly ashy appearance to it, this floor has a slight rustic look to it. Beauflor Pure Toulon Oak 976M is a light grey floor that is a blend of light greys and mid-tone greys. Beauflor Pure Toulon Oak 109S is one of the lightest options in the collection. This soothing beige floor is calm and inviting. Beauflor Pure Lime Oak 996D is a blend of a variety of grey tones. Overall this floor has a range of grey tones throughout it that make for a very contemporary blend.

When it comes to deep chestnut tones, the Beauflor Pure collection has a few options available. Beauflor Pure Lime Oak Coffee 954D is a blend of rich, deep chestnut tones, warm light browns, and light brown tones. For a blend of bold, rich tones and light, ashy browns, there is Beauflor Pure Lime Oak Walnut 966D. This floor has a very rustic yet sophisticated look to it. Beauflor Pure Columbian Oak Mocha 663D is a creamy blend of light browns and warm, rich mid-tone browns.

Beauflor Pure Columbian Oak Fawn 611M and Beauflor Pure Lime Oak Saddle 669M are both blends of light beige and light browns. These floors are light, calming, and inviting.

For more classic flooring options, this collection offers three warm toned blends of yellows and browns. Beauflor Pure Columbian Oak Russet 226M is a creamy blend of warm yellows and mid-tone browns. Beauflor Pure Columbian Oak Sand 216M is a lighter version of Beauflor Pure Columbian Oak Russet 226M. Beauflor Pure Lime Oak 623M is a creamy blend of warm mid-tone browns and light yellows. The blend creates a floor that is both warm and inviting.

For more vinyl flooring options from Beauflor, check out more collections here. If you have any questions or would like to order flooring today, give us a call at 510-698-5142!

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