Beauflor Pure

Beauflor Pure

Similarly, to its counterpart, Beauflor Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 vinyl flooring counts with all of the advantages proposed by the PURE Click 40 collection, except for the wear layer. Instead of a 40 mm wear layer which is common for residential and lighter commercial traffic installation, the Pure Click 55 offers exactly what the name says- a 55 mm wear layer (or the equivalent of a 22 mil).

What is exceptional about this is that goes above and beyond the norm of the industry standard size of 20 mil. The series includes an identical interlocking profile on all four sides of each plank. Install it from every corner of the room, either from the back, front, left or right…each vinyl tile has the flexibility you have always dreamed of when referring to flooring installation.

As it was previously stated, the construction features a 22 mil wear layer, making it a doubtlessly ideal fit for residential- which will stand up to lots of kids, pets and parties but heavier commercial applications that have lots of foot traffic.

The colors of this collection are identical to the Pure Click 40. Colors that invoke style from rustic point utilizing the Toulon Oak in several grays from light to dark and a few tans/beiges as well. For a traditional twist on hardwood check out the Columbian Oak line that goes from chocolate brown to the lightest sand. The nine unique planks per design, and their interlocking system for installation stays the same as well.

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