Bamboo Hardwoods Construkt

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Bamboo Hardwoods Construkt sports a remarkably contemporary appearance that fits well into nearly any type of up-to-date home décor, whether relaxed or minimalist. With only subtle shade variation between each bamboo plank, Construkt allows for uniform, linear designs that are simultaneously functional and aesthetically pleasing. With a choice between vertical and horizontal grains, you’ll be able to choose the visuals that are right for your particular home. Backed by a lifetime structural warranty like most other Bamboo Hardwoods products, Construkt will not wear down prematurely from scuffs, dents, sun damage, or scratches. Additionally, bamboo is generally more durable than traditional hardwood, so Construkt can take more heavy use especially in households with pets or children.

Bamboo Hardwoods Construkt comes in 3 ¾” wide planks and three intermediate shades that will bring a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to any space. Blonde is a great option for designers and homeowners who want a natural, bright option for their living space. In contrast, Carbonized is a darker finish, ideal for home offices and dens with a warm, inviting atmosphere. An Unfinished option is also available for those who desire a more rustic look.

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