Atlas Concorde Etic

Atlas Concorde Etic
Atlas Concorde Etic porcelain tile flooring touts natural aesthetics crafted by modern engineering for rustic charm in all of your living spaces. A visually striking collection of wood­look porcelain tiles, you will enjoy the look and feel of hardwood with fewer of the pitfalls.

These porcelain floor tiles are available in 3 striking shades that touch various points on the color spectrum with the common benefits of beauty and durability. A porcelain tile's surface is resistant to scratches, stains and buckling, which commonly plague wood counterparts.

Whatever the color choice, each wood­look porcelain tile features a 6” x 36” design that is versatile and instills separate design effects in rooms big or small. A cramped space will seem more open with these thin­set porcelain tiles, while bigger rooms will feel cozier. The versatility of this series makes it easy to achieve desired effects throughout the house with a single series of porcelain tile floors.

Questions? Our flooring design experts area happy to suggest concepts that match the scale and theme of your project.

For neutral­colored porcelain tiles, consider Etic Ulivio ACETI- UL636, which boasts medium brown tones with rich grain and fine details that mimic the natural attributes of hardwood with added durability. Consider this porcelain tile floor for kitchens to complement wood cabinetry and granite counters for a top­to­bottom design. As design trends change, you can rest easy knowing these durable porcelain tiles will match all décor schemes and withstand heavy foot traffic for years to come. A full manufacturer's warranty is added assurance your investment will stand the test of time.

Creating a luxurious feel in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms is easy with Etic Palisssandro ACETI­PA636. The dark brown shades instill a stately feel in offices, family rooms and master bedrooms with rich accents in random patterns that add allure to the living space. Light drapes and natural light help reveal the full detail of this one­of­a­kind porcelain floor tile. For a lighter alternative with similar design effects, look to Etic Noce with softer accents that suit living rooms or bathrooms with glass shower enclosures.

To order Atlas Concorde Etic porcelain tile flooring, please call us for a square footage quote.

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