Armstrong Unleashed

Armstrong Unleashed

The Armstrong Unleashed collection comes in a range of ten different vinyl flooring colors to choose from. The collection is made up of eight vinyl flooring options and two stone visuals. With colors ranging from a dark, rich brown to a washed out grey stone, this collection is full of variety. Armstrong Unleashed is made up of oversized loose lay planks and tiles that are made for both commercial and residential projects. Large planks come in sizes of 9.25” x 59.25” and stone visuals come in 36”x 36” cuts. These large planks and tiles create a bold and impactful look to any space. The collection itself is pretty low-maintenance. Planks require no polish or buff finish and have a 20 mil wear layer on them. Your floors will stay protected against scratches, stains, and scuffs for years to come. The Armstrong Unleashed collection is made in the USA and comes with a fifteen year commercial warranty.

If you are concerned about sustainability, all Armstrong vinyl floors are manufactured responsibly. These floors are also Floorscore certified and contain no Ortho-Phthalates. You should never have to sacrifice anything when it comes to design, durability, and the environment. With the Armstrong Unleashed collection you certainly won’t have to sacrifice any of that.

The Collection

This collection offers a range of flooring to choose from, from grey to dark brown flooring. Although there are no light brown flooring options in this collection, there are a range of stunning colors to choose from.

There are two different greys to choose from in this collection. New London Oak Dark Shadow is a dark grey that has a weathered look to it. Manor Gray Fusion is a grey flooring option that has hints of lighter and darker grey blended together, creating an overall muted and balanced grey vinyl floor.

For dark brown vinyl flooring options there’s Chesterfield Walnut Fresh Pressed Cider and Woodland Notes Grizzly Brown. Chesterfield Walnut Fresh Pressed Cider is a beautiful dark brown vinyl floor. With hints of light brown throughout the planks, this vinyl flooring is sure to warm up any space. Woodland Notes Grizzly Brown is a richer version of the other dark brown floor. For a bolder impact in a space go for the Woodland Notes Grizzly Brown.

There are a few light brown options in this collection to choose from. Chesterfield Walnut Applesauce is a light brown vinyl floor with hints of dark brown throughout it. Friendship Oak Amber is a richer and warmer version of Chesterfield Walnut Applesauce. For a light brown flooring option that almost looks grey, there’s the New London Oak Champagne and Trader Oak Toasted Tan vinyl flooring options.

If you are looking for visual stone there are two options in this collection to choose from. Quarryville Raven is a bold dark grey. Quarryville Gray Mirage is a medium tone grey. Both options would be great stone options in any space.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for your space. If you've seen a flooring option in this collection that you love, give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Want to see more options? Check out more collections from Armstrong's vinyl flooring here.

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