Armstrong Vantage

Armstrong Vantage

Armstrong Rigid Core Vantage vinyl tile is a series known for its strikingly realistic wood appearance. It comes in up to 20 different color variations and is perfect for design versatility and visual beauty. The sizing in this selection is uniquely crafted to be wider in plank size, making for an individualistic styling option. As durable as it is stunning, this series is both water resistant and scratch resistant. Made with a specialized rigid core technology, it's made to take on the toughest challenges and the most intense blows without showing any signs of damage. This includes heavy appliances, spills, pets, and other incidents that may occur. This vinyl tile will make any space feel distinct and complete, leaving your business with a gorgeous floor that adds to your unique taste.

The Collection


The specific sizing of the Armstrong Rigid Core Vantage is typically 60 inches in length and 7 inches wide, with a 20-millimeter thickness (60” x 7” x 20 mm), with the exception of a few of the colors that come in an extra sized width of 9 inches. The planks in this option are formatted to be larger, making for a bold look in any room. What is great about this flooring is how long it will retain its clean and newly installed appearance. Being made with material that is known for being incredibly fortified, this series is perfect for high foot traffic areas and withstanding powerful hits without taking any damage. The pet scratch and water-resistant properties make this tile one of the most valuable on the market. Noted for ease during the installation process, this selection utilizes a floating installation technique. This is perfect for placement and quickens the process of installation. These planks are made to give an authentic wooden appearance and feel to your space, creating an environment for you and your visitors that is both breathtaking and comfortable.


Armstrong Rigid Core Vantage comes in a variety of 20 different colors and shades. If you’re looking for a common, stylish appeal, look no further than colors like Cloverdale Oak Sunny Blush and Summerfield Oak Sunset Glow. These shades of milky browns will work well with any design. Their welcoming and rustic visuals truly reflect authenticity and wholesomeness in any space they are installed. Peering into these shades, you’ll see a pure, original, and realistic wooden feel. Cloverdale Oak Sunny Blush and Summerfield Oak Sunset Glow are wonderful options for both style and convention. For a look that is distinct in its confidence and charisma, try Gray Glimmer or Oak Silver Dollar. The combination of lights and darks that converge to give these shades a silver and gray appearance will make your space look polished and gleaming. Ideal for a professional setting, these smokey colored shades will be perfect for your office or workspace. They reflect a demeanor that is capable and self-assured, speaking to your increasing adeptness. Gray Glimmer and Oak Silver dollar will give you sleekness without compromising the wooden appeal. When trying to find a shade that fits your business, the dark Dockside Brown and Stone Harbor Gray are always satisfying choices. Let the sounds and smell of the ocean overcome you while you peer into these two differing, yet similar tones. These shades will give a space a seaside vibe, creating a certain setting that may be advantageous to you. This is perfect for spaces with a theme or need for a stoic presence. Dockside Brown and Stone Harbor will give your business a sense of strength and boldness.


Armstrong Rigid Core Vantage comes with a Light Commercial 10- year Luxury Flooring Limited Warranty. This is one of the best warranties out there today in the flooring industry. This product is highly desired, so protecting the customer is of the utmost importance.

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