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Stunning, long-lasting, durable, and easy-to-install. These are the first few words that come to mind when describing the Armstrong Elements collection. From the 18 unique shades a part of their color palette, to the ultramodern design that was built for protection, this vinyl flooring series doesnít fall short in any category. Not to mention, this flooring collection gives a luxurious ambience to any space it occupies, while still being extremely affordable. These floors can be installed anywhere, including the commonly damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and mudrooms. Still worried about this collection holding up under the pressure? Thereís a durable hybrid construction that was specifically designed to resist stains, scratches, surface wear, moisture, and dents. The Armstrong Elements collection is perfect for the modern, on the go family looking to enjoy their home without constant panic of ruining the floors.


When creating this collection, durability and protection were some of the most considered factors, and it shows. Like we mentioned above, thereís a durable hybrid construction layer that fights off surface wear and tear, making this flooring collection a great choice for people with kids and pets.

Colors and Styles

There are 18 amazing colors to choose from, so you donít have to settle when revamping your home! Each color and shade has a unique sense of style, ensuring that any space with this flooring is different from those next door.

The Copper Lustre color has a beautiful red undertone paired with a muted hazel. Another stunning shade that falls under the deeper red toned category is the Autumn Landscape. These planks are darker than the last color mentioned, but are just as intense.

If you want your space to be filled with silver and grey colored planks, see the Early Morning Haze and Neutral Sky options. Both of these are going to instantly make a room appear bigger, while sporting light charcoal colors throughout the planks. The lightest color in this collection is the Neutral Ground color. These planks are completed with a combination of pearl greys and pure, crisp white tones.

The Burnt Umber option is going to be your fix if you are looking for classic hazel and brown planks for your home. Not only is this option timeless, but itís also a perfect blend of chestnut and ginger shades.

Some great options that offer a darker essence are the Peppercorn and Warm Embers colored planks. Both of these will amp up the intensity of any room, due to the striking and shadowy tones.


Similar to other Armstrong collections, this series calls for a simple and quick installation process. Using the float method, these floors can be set and locked into place, even on top of existing subfloors or floors with imperfections. This technique takes the stress off the buyer and installer, as it is foolproof!


To ensure that the planks from the Armstrong Elements series stay looking beautiful and captivating, they automatically come with a 30 years residential warranty, and a 7 years commercial warranty.

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