Armstrong Natural Creations Arbor Art

Armstrong Natural Creations Arbor Art

Wouldn’t we all love to have hardwood floors spread throughout our homes? But who needs the painstaking installation, maintenance, and high price point? Now, the sophistication of natural wood can be yours, with the Armstrong Natural Creations Arbor Art, a stunning collection of vinyl floors that simulate the look of beautiful hardwood planks. With 35 styles and three versatile measurement options, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. These woods feature the appearance of worm holes, knot holes, grains, and even some time-worn woods for contemporary styles with natural earthy appeal.

Armstrong Natural Creations Arbor Art offers three great sizes available for you to choose from. There is the small 4” x 36” plank for those that like slightly smaller hardwood plank sizes, the slightly larger 6” x 36” plank option for those that like the look of traditional hardwood, and the largest size option for the bold, the 8” x 36” plank size. This range of sizes makes this selection perfect for any room dimension and any design aesthetic.

We absolutely love Weathered Oak Light, a silver gray wood with worm holes and a lived-in look that shabby chic designers will enjoy. Plank Wild Cherry Medium is an elegant option that classic designers will love, with its dark caramel and auburn tones, subtle grains, and neat edges that make for a beautiful dining room. Our favorite by far is Plank Ember Wood Bittersweet, a daringly dark floor with rugged grains and incredible depth; install it in your front rooms for an impressive entrance. With only a handful of colors listed here, you can see that this luxury flooring option is dressed to impress. We invite you to browse all the color options that are available to make the perfect choice!

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