Solve Your Flooring Woes With Armstrong Grand Illusions

Armstrong laminate flooring has made life easier for millions of homeowners, offering a balance of beauty and usability previously unheard of in the flooring industry. Consumers are often forced to sacrifice one of these qualities for the other, which ultimately leaves them unfulfilled, but Armstrong ensures satisfaction by seamlessly fusing the two. Although it has been producing quality laminate floors for years, Armstrong has really hit its stride with the Grand Illusions series.

“What's in a name?” many people often ask. Well, with Armstrong Grand Illusions, the answer is “everything.” As a laminate floor, Armstrong Grand Illusions is designed to look like hardwood without actually being so, so you can have the illusion of hardwood floors in your home without incurring the extra costs that come with them. Choose from many different styles, including Brazilian jatoba, cabrueva, and Melbourne acacia, all of which look like natural wood. They're also resistant to stains and scratches, so you won't have to hold your breath whenever you walk on them. Once you lay these floors down, you can assume domestic responsibilities and host large gatherings without worry.

Like any laminate floor, Armstrong Grand Illusions is also easy to install and maintain. No special tools or previous flooring experience is required; just click the pieces into place, and you'll be set. Once you've done this, upkeep is a piece of cake. No retreating is necessary; justsweep the floor as needed. With a price of just over $3.00 per square foot, there's no reason to miss out!

When it comes to flooring, the Armstrong Grand Illusions package fuses style and practicality like no other. If this is the balance for which you're looking, don't deny yourself its majesty. Instead, place an order at today!
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