Armstrong Coastal Living

Armstrong Coastal Living
Armstrong Coastal Living laminate flooring is a one­of­a­kind series inspired by ocean views and beachside bungalows. Available in five distinct styles, this collection of laminate floors gives a striking visual of the soft and rich tones associated with shoreside living in a resilient surface that simulates the look of time­worn wood board.

This series is a part of a hand­sculpted collection, featuring a durable 12mm thick laminate plank ideal for heavy residential use and commercial projects. With a multi­layer construction, this laminate floor's durable surface earned top scores for wearing, scratch, stain, and fading resistances according to recent Consumer Reports ratings. Treat your home like a beach and go barefoot on this comfortable laminate floor. See why this collection is an expression of shabby chic design philosophy that resonates with your décor.

The White Washed series of these laminate floors has three color selections, from the neutral tones of Coastal Living White Washed Boardwalk, to the popular pink tinged chocolate tones of White Washed Walnut.

Meanwhile, Coastal Living White Washed Campfire is a laminate floor with smoky black tones that look like painted wood boards and goes great with exotic décor; put it in the living room with dark wood or red wood furniture. Whatever the choice, you can rest easy knowing these wood look laminate planks are stain and scratch resistant with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure lasting beauty.

Each wood look laminate floor's finish features a delicate faded look to duplicate woods of their namesakes. Sand Dollar Oak is a visually fine­grained “wood” with bright tones ideal for a laid­back surfer aesthetic, and Oyster Bay Pine take a slightly different visual with more solid but softer distressed concrete gray colors to give a true beach home look.

For square footage quotes or product questions, please contact us to order Armstrong Coastal Living laminate flooring. We are happy to answer questions and suggest design ideas.

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