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Hartco Artesian Hand-Tooled

Hartco  Artesian Hand-Tooled
Armstrong Artesian Hand-Tooled Hickory follows the popular vintage aesthetic in striking choices that offer a bold yet timeless appeal. Evoking the allure of century’s old hardwood floors, this series reveals unabashed rustic, heavily textured details that you can both see and feel. Comprised of the iconic, intricate species of hickory, this collection offers diverse looks that works for a wide range of décors. Topped with deep, hand-scraped details of rough graining, this engineered collection encompasses inherent durability for applications suitable for any room of the home.

The lineup offers random length planks of 4”, 5” and 6” wide boards furthering the vintage appeal of this striking series. Choose from three radiant finishes that reveal an alluring satin glow that exudes incredible warmth and inviting comfort. A 1/2” thickness is standard and deadens noises from creaking or buckling that plague thinner surfaces. Artesian Hand-Tooled Hickory Barrel Brown EMW6302Z is the darkest available finish in an indulgently alluring shade of warm brown with darker graining.

Consider this choice for living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms for a luxurious feel. Light colored drapes and beige décor fabrics have a stark contrast, while dark colors are a more subtle complement.

Meanwhile, slightly darker Artesian Hand-Tooled Hickory Cinnabar Blush EMW6301Z takes on a radiant caramelized appeal with strong amber undertones. Rooms with natural light exposure and large windows are great landing spots for this model. You can punctuate or understate this effect with light or dark colored décor fabrics.

At the lighter end of the color spectrum liesNatural EMW6320Z. The weather worn look of this classic species is well suited for rooms with furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Whatever the choice, your hardwood floor's surface will exhibit a show stopping display of details, accents and quality that will be cherished for generations to come. A manufacturer's warranty adds further peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time. Please call us to learn more about or order Armstrong Artesian Hand-Tooled Hickory hardwood flooring.

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