Armstrong Architectural Remnants

Armstrong Architectural Remnants

Armstrong Architectural Remnants laminate flooring embraces the authentic look of reclaimed woods steeped in the rich history of classic American architecture. This collection is inspired by reclaimed hardwood and the look of antiquated wood in a variety of color options sets this collection apart from the rest.

This laminate flooring selection is available in 18 unique, fun colors and designs which are perfect for those that want to reinvent the rustic look. Look at Armstrong Architectural Remnants To The Sea Milk Glass Clam. It is an incredibly unique look as it blends white, grey, and hints of brown throughout the design. It does indeed look like worn flooring, affected by the ocean, the air, and traffic throughout the years. The white and grey colors mimic paint that is wearing away, revealing dark browns and tans underneath. Seaside Salt Air is a simply stunning, gorgeous, and elegant design. Beiges and almond colors mix together with the blueish steel grey color which really captures the beauty of the beach. The design also produces an elegant air and is reminiscent of pearls and the beach. The Surf Side Azure Mist is another unique look reminiscent of wearing, grey painted wood revealing the brown underwood in slivers with unique grey colors. The paint colors are inspired by steel grey, silver, and charcoal wearing away and hints of charcoal invading other colors. Sea Glass is another gorgeously unique look by blending another style of painted wood being worn away. The colors used in this particular design are a worn white and a worn teal-grey color with teal-grey spilling over into the white paint, creating a bit of a messy look. The paint, like the former colors are cracked and peeling, creating an overall rustic look. These are only a few unique options, however. There are plenty more to choose from within this eclectic, colorful collection.

The Armstrong Architectural Remnants laminate flooring comes in large plank sizes of 8x48 long which allows for easy installation and for showing off the stunning elegance of this unique flooring design. Regardless of your space, this design is sure to wow with its unique style and charm.

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