Anderson Casitablanca

Anderson Casitablanca

Anderson Casitablanca hardwood flooring is handcrafted for excellence, ensuring that none of the boards are identical. This exquisite collection of hand­scraped hardwood floors features 11 colors in a versatile 5” width that achieves separate design effects in various rooms. Your cramped rooms will appear more open while expansive rooms are reigned in with the welcoming design. A broad width hardwood floor also reveals the full detail of fine grain, intricate patterns and charming details of each plank.

This hardwood floor's Spanish Hickory design creates an exotic yet classic atmosphere. Perfect for adding a sense of natural beauty to any lifeless space, the stunning surface will become the focal point of any room. Any of the eleven colors are an excellent way to bring out a sense of warmth and comfort to your home décor, with many finishes to choose from. These Anderson hardwood floors are sure to provide a revitalizing touch to any home, balanced perfectly between beauty and durability.

Designers appreciate the many choices customize décor schemes with a single collection of engineered hardwood floors. Whatever the color choice, the finishes are absolutely scrumptious and will endure all levels of traffic. This provides peace of mind compared to solid surfaces and this series is less likely to buckle or creak under foot traffic, so you can enjoy a relaxed setting.

For a toffee toned hardwood floor; turn to Casitablanca Panera AE040­97632 for lovely planks that go well with exotic Chinese- inspired designs or luxurious Indian décor. Meanwhile Casitablanca First Light offers glowing amber hues that are well­suited for traditional designs.

Conversely, Galleon is a fiery red color that looks spectacular under natural lighting and goes well with heavy off­white fabrics and carved furniture for an ultra­sophisticated design. Brackish is a dark brown with amber tones winking through and looks lovely with gold accents and French Revival décor. Elegant, sensual, and beautifully detailed; this series delivers an engineered hardwood floor to meet all design tastes.

Please contact us with questions on Anderson Casitablanca hardwood flooring or get a square footage quote to place your order.

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