Anderson Palo Duro

Anderson Palo Duro
The Anderson Palo Duro hardwood flooring collection offers a stunning array of hickory woods with knots, wormholes, and mineral streaks to showcase the natural beauty found in hardwood flooring. With planks that have been hand-scraped by artisan craftsmen, the flooring is unique for each and every customer. This collection of antiqued styled wood gives rooms an inviting feeling while complimenting an array of furniture and interior design styles.

Worried about durability and damage over time? With Luster-Lock Ultra hardwood finish, these floors have superior resistance against scuffs and abrasions so you can be certain that your floors will remain in top shape for many years to come. The Luster-Lock Ultra hardwood finish is six times more resistant to scuffs and abrasions than other hardwood brands. These floors have been tested to stand up to over 1,200 scuffs and still remain looking newer than other flooring brands. The finish is made up of a layer of polyurethane, aluminum oxide, and stain along with Anderson Tuftex’s proprietary finish.

The Anderson Palo Duro hardwood flooring collection measures in at a ⅜” thick and 5” width. The wood comes in lengths of up to 126”. In terms of installation, the flooring can be installed using the nail, staple, glue, or floating method. Flooring can be installed above, on, or below grade.

If you need a transition piece, the Anderson Palo Duro collection can be paired with a:

• Flush Reducer

• Overlap Reducer

• Flush Stairnose

• Overlap Stairnose

• Threshold | Carpet Reducer

• T-Molding

• Quarter Round

The Collection

The Palo Duro is made up of stunningly rustic and bold flooring options. The floors have natural knots, wormholes, and color variations throughout them.

Ringing Anvil is a rich, dark brown tone that is a blend of light browns and bold, dark browns. This is a adds a rustic yet sophisticated feel to a space.

Hammer Glow is a blend of light chestnut browns, light dark browns, and cherry browns. The blend creates a floor that is rich, stunning, and warm.

Copper is a blend of light browns and warm mid-tone browns with a slightly worn, rustic appearance to it.

Golden Ore is a blend of light yellows, medium tone browns, and dark browns knots throughout.

For more information about Anderson flooring, give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Anderson hardwood, click here.

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