Anderson Muirs Park

Anderson Muirs Park
The Anderson Muirs Park hardwood selection is the interpretation of light colored wood which is a departure from what youd traditionally find with hardwood. Each individual plank within this series is sanded, painted white, and then sanded individually again in order to show off the natural beauty and character of the wood. With this special treatment, this hardwood collection is stunning in appearance a work of true beauty.

This beautiful hardwood flooring collection has 6 lovely colors for you to choose from. There is the Anderson Muirs Park Bridalveil which is a gorgeous ivory color with beige stains and grain designs, producing a very fresh design. This wood is reminiscent of the beach with the ivory a light sand color. The Bridalveil hue produces an airy feeling as well as a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of wood you may find on tropical vacation in your timeshare or hotel room. Ribbon is a soft beige wood, with light brown stains and darker beige graining and hints of ivory throughout, making this a very light brown wood also reminiscent of wood you might find in a tropical location. Nevada moves into a very sandy color with light brown tinges and beige graining, which produces a warm atmosphere. Wapama is a soft taupe color with light grey stains and grains making up the other half of the color found within the wood. Horsetail similarly follows with beige as the main color of the hardwood with grey beginning to stain the wood, giving the wood a weathered beachy appearance. Vernal is another charming soft brown colored wood with chocolate brown staining on the wood along the edges, giving the wood a rather unique look.

The Anderson Muirs Park hardwood collection measures in at a thickness of and a width of 5. The small size of the wooden planks creates a charming feeling that is rather cozy. The length of the wood is dependent upon you and your project needs. With this sort of flexibility, design and pattern options are entirely left up to you.
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