Anatolia Kayah

Anatolia Kayah
Anatolia Tile Kayah porcelain tile flooring brings the look of natural stone to your home or office with stunning details and rugged design. This collection of stone look porcelain tiles is available in 4 colors with five sizes to choose from, which includes a visually striking 12” x 12” mosaic. Other options include a 18” x 18”, 12” x 24”, 12” x 12” and a 6” x 6”.

A stone look porcelain tile's size helps create the design setting you wish to achieve in rooms of all sizes. You can use a narrower width to achieve spatial depth in smaller rooms or to create a more inviting feel in larger spaces. The versatile benefits of these porcelain tile floors make it easy for designers to meet the needs of various dιcor schemes.

There are common benefits to be enjoyed with these porcelain floor tiles. The surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains or scratches, which allows you to install any of the models in various settings. Since this lineup is less prone to moisture damage than comparable alternatives, you have stylish choices for bathroom or kitchen floors as well.

Consider Kayah Rust for a weather worn look with a broad spectrum of colors that seem honed by water and wind over time. This model has hints of green, gray and brown that add allure to many dιsign settings. Choose the 18” x 18” porcelain floor tile for large living rooms with dark wood furniture or master bedrooms with ornate headboards and crown molding. For a slight lighter shade, turn to Oxide with beige and gray overtones.

The bright accents of Kayah Autum gives the sense of changing seasons and constant beauty in a wide array of colors. You will see gray, tan and greenish tints across these porcelain tile floors. This is a great choice for rooms with natural light exposure and large windows that allow sunlight to dance across the surface in whimsical fashion.

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