American Olean Urban Canvas

American Olean Urban Canvas
American Olean Urban Canvas porcelain tile is known for its variety of classic colors and extensive number of detailed decorative accents. This wall tile is a wonderful addition to many residential and commercial spaces, but is often prized most in commercial installations, where the rugged design can withstand various conditions with lasting beauty.

You can choose from two available porcelain tiles: 4 1⁄4 x 12 3⁄4 and 4 1⁄4 x 8 1⁄2. The many decorative options display abstract designs that are easily coordinated with the solid colors of this stunning lineup.

A porcelain wall tile's color is an important factor to consider when coordinating your interior design. This roster makes it easy to customize the design effects in different rooms with an array of shades that touches various points on the color spectrum. Our design experts are happy to suggest what wall tiles best meet your project needs, whether remodeling or new construction.

For a dark and luxurious look in bathrooms and kitchens; consider Urban Canvas Gloss Black. This stately shade is ideally suited for kitchen and bath backsplashes with an exquisite sheen that captures natural or artificial light. White drapes, stainless steel appliances and beige fabrics further enhance this wonderful color with a stark contrast.

Meanwhile, Urban Canvas Gloss Cappuccino sports a creamy color reminiscent of coffee and cream swirling in your morning cup of java. This medium brown tone is a great choice for kitchen wall tiles that complement granite counters or wood cabinets. Since porcelain tile is resistant to stains, scratches and moisture damage; this model is a popular choice for bathrooms as well.

You can rest easy knowing a full manufacturer's warranty is also included. With thin set installation, contractors can assure clients of a time and cost efficient process. Homes and offices can spend more time enjoying the timeless appeal of these porcelain tiles and less time cleaning thanks to a maintenance free surface.

To order American Olean Urban Canvas porcelain tile, please call us for square footage estimates.

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