American Olean St Germain

American Olean St Germain
American Olean St. Germain porcelain tile flooring effortlessly blends a timeless chic with modern engineering and wide selection for a versatile lineup. For the contemporary designer with fashion forward tendencies, these porcelain tiles feature a stunning variety of sizes, floor colors and design accents.

You will enjoy the best in flexibility and durability with this one of a kind series. Known for its sleek, neutral colors and trendy rectangular tiles, this roster of porcelain tile floors adds sophistication to any room in the house, whether bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Many choose to take advantage of the classic colors to give their residential or commercial space a clean look that can coordinate well with a variety of interior design styles, like traditional, contemporary, and even futuristic! This lineup delivers a subtle canvas for your distinct décor, and a serene atmosphere for your life.

This collection is very versatile, with nine shades and two popular sizes that harmonize with a wide range of styles. The deep black St. Germain Noir makes this porcelain tile's trendy French chic vibe a great option in the dining room with a café table and bright red fabrics.

With moisture resistant properties, this is popular in bathroom spaces with glass shower enclosures and brass fixtures. For more bright and sunny styles, we recommend 24” x24” tiles of apricot toned St. Germain Or, which looks lively and fun in the kitchen or living room. Rooms with large windows allow natural light to dance across the glossy surface in a whimsical way. Sunlight also allows the rich details of each glazed porcelain tile to be on full display.

In the bathroom, install 12” x12” tiles of Creme, a delicate ivory that looks lovely with lace and blushing pinks. For the bedroom, make a cozy atmosphere with the rich browns of Chocolat, perfect for a warm awakening. You can also combine colors to create the perfect palette for a picturesque home. Our porcelain floor design experts are available to suggest ideas that best match your project needs.

For square footage quotes or to order American Olean St. Germain porcelain tile flooring, please call our in house team for assistance.

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