American Olean Bricktown

American Olean Bricktown
Modern eclecticism with a touch of industrialization. That’s just one of the fabulously unique concepts that the American Olean Bricktown collection has to offer. Consisting of elegant brick resemblances on wall and floor surfaces, neutrality in color scheme and original designs, these ceramic tiles are the perfect minimalist and sophisticated addition you were striving to incorporate into your most glamorous commercial and residential surroundings. Don't be limited thinking exposed walls in lofts, but anywhere that a slightly edgy industrial or different look is sought after.

Inspired by your typical painted brick look commonly seen in more rustic areas, this ceramic tile compilation has the mission to implement a distinct idea about modern rusticity by providing us with a stunning color palette that includes from your most subtle white to the most remarkable charcoal gray. The coolness of their Arctic Bend will leave you with enough space to add brightness to your interiors through exciting accents and enviable focal points, while their Cashmere Court can definitely add that delicate touch of gray, enough to make a statement of elegance and class. Also ideal for accent walls and floor surfaces, their darkest brown Chestnut Boulevard is an equally powerful design tool to drag your guests’ attention, and for those who feel that nothing symbolizes sophistication better than dimness in color, then their Onyx Crossing selection might be the floor covering you desperately need to complement your surroundings.

American Olean Bricktown are available in the sizes that one would normally think that bricks are made in. First is the 2” x 8” which gives a longer linear look and of course the much seen and common size of 4” x 8”, accurately resembling brick dimensions and presenting your home with a more realistic, modern rustic look. In addition, with their 7/16” thickness and excellent design and manufacture quality, these new trend setting sizes are ready to be installed in spaces receiving heavy amounts of traffic on floor surfaces, while accommodating to any style and theme when utilized for both, floor and wall coverings.
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