American Olean Bordeaux

American Olean Bordeaux

The richly landscaped countryside areas of Brazil are home to many quarries that harvest and cure the most exquisite pieces of Bordeaux Granite in the world. The process to produce such exquisite granite slabs is extensive and leads to high prices for consumers. When searching for options that are a bit more affordable, the striking look of Brazilian Granite is reflected with unbelievable perfection in the American Olean Bordeaux Collection. In this series, certified porcelain tiles are cultivated to replicate the look of the finest granite utilizing an enhanced digital printing process called Reveal Imaging. These American Made tiles also feature Microban Antimicrobial Coating that repels bacteria and microbes behind the scenes of this gorgeous flooring. The full manufacturer’s warranty is included with purchases of American Olean Tile Products.

Four sizes of floor tiles as well as wall tile options and coordinating trim make this collection completely modular and lend the ability to install tile into a variety of patterns. Floor tiles are available in 20” x 20”. 13” x 20”, 13” x 13” and 6.5” x 6.5”. Wall tiles are available in 10” x 14” and 4” x 8” sizes with a 3” x 3” mosaic and 3” x 13” bullnose piece available as well.

Three superb colors are offered within this series, neutral in color overall with individual color characteristics that allow their individuality to stand out. Chameau is a highly-textured piece utilizing beige, cream, tan and rust-colored hues to accurately capture the appearance of granite. Crème is an opulent blend of ivory, tan and copper with exquisite veining showing the depth of this style. Marron features characteristics of the Marron style of Bordeaux Granite; utilizing creamy blends of copper, tan and cream with stone-like visuals that are true-to-life. All styles in this collection represent a luxurious look at a price that is affordable. With suitable applications including interior and exterior residential areas and interior commercial flooring installations, you can easily bring indulgent style to your home, office, or any other commercial area that requires updated style.

American Olean Flooring products are known to hold their value and present unmatched durability and innovative designs. The Bordeaux Series presents the exclusive look of Brazilian Granite at an unbelievable value in the durable format of porcelain tile. With such outstanding beauty and design, this line will keep you in high-style for many years to come.

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