Florim Forest

Florim  Forest

Florim Forest porcelain tile is inspired by the mystics of deep enchanted forests. These wood look porcelain tiles reveal the beauty within harshly sun-drenched forests within a single stunning collection. Staying on trend with tile flooring that replicates the appearance of hardwood, no collection on the market today rivals the authenticity this series has to offer.

As if you could count the rings of the trees that played inspiration, the surface achieves immaculate emulations of detailed grain patterns, character knots, and wormholes with a distinct patina achieved solely through days spent under the beating sun. As no two boards are the same, bring the warmth, elegance, and inviting comfort into any space of the home, even outside, for dramatic flooring with superior durability.

Applied to 6 x24 tile planks, the stunning beauty within each board is achieved through cutting- edge, high definition printing technology. The natural attributes of porcelain tile floors are ideal for various settings. Compared to other choices, the rugged design is resistant to moisture damage, stains and scratches. You will also enjoy easy cleanup that makes it easy to maintain lasting beauty for years to come.

Five distinct finishes offer bold styles that could tell a story all on their own. Forest Liana 1095114 serves as the lightest available finish in a luxurious tone of light fawn with an elegant airiness. Consider this model for sun soaked rooms where natural light will put the lovely intricacies of each tile on full display. For a more neutral shade, look to Forest Mystic 1095110,which offers a transcendental allure with flowing details gracing each plank in a chic stone grey. The model is a great choice for living rooms and master bedrooms with dark hardwood elements for a pleasing contrast.

Looking for rustic charm with the modern allure of porcelain tile? Forest Rain 1095115 is highly ornate and offers a rustic elegance in shades of warm creams adorned with dusty browns. The finish of Forest Black 1095111 offers stunning detailing of centuries-old wood with a glowing blend of antiqued creams and charcoal greys with subtle hints of rugged tans. Rounding out the collection, Forest Amazon 1095112 spares nothing with its enchanting mixture of rugged tans hidden within steel and charcoal grey accents.

To order Florim Forest porcelain tile, please call our flooring specialists for fast quotes.

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