American Concepts Liberty

American Concepts Liberty
American Concepts Liberty laminate floorng is a solidly constructed alternative to wood flooring. Made in America with sustainable technology and a commitment to quality, this flooring makes an excellent addition to any residential or commercial property.

The collection spans a wide range of wood species and unique looks. From the country charm of hickory, to the bright lights of freshly cut maple, to respected rick appearance of stained oak—you can design with flexibility and style.

Choose from six appealing and especially American wood finishes: Liberty Hawkins Oak, Meadow Chase Pine, Murdock Pecan, Bluff, Stonecroft Cherry, or Summerhill Maple. Hawkins Oak is as American as the golden crust of a freshly baked apple pie. This warm and inviting wood look is banded with wonderfully reproduced wood growth lines. Chase Pine is a light tan wood with very fine russet lines and the imitation of a very tight growth pattern. Murdock Pecan as an option, is a smooth mixture of cocoa and walnut browns perfect for sophisticated interior spaces. Stonecroft Cherry is a light wood streaked with lovely sunset tones of peach, apricot beige and a dusting of cherry candy reds. American Concepts Liberty is available in planks measuring 7.6”x50.79” with a thickness of 7mm and beveled edges. Each plank is easily installed using the unique Express Clic system, which eliminates the need for glues. By avoiding glues, this collection lives up to its GREENGUARD certification for the best indoor-air quality on the market today. Consider this collection for as an intelligent and stylish choice for a clean, refined look that offers clean air with a price point that fits any budget.
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