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Alloc Original laminate flooring is the collection that started it all. Exhibiting the best strength and quality for which the brand is known. The Original collection boasts high durability, functionality, and refined style with looks so natural you would never guess you are standing on a laminate rather than solid oak. In terms of performance, sturdy construction ensures attractiveness and durability to stand the test of time as well as high traffic.

Alloc Original is essential with shades as ordinary as golden Antique Oak and as exotic as chalky, muted White Vintage Oak. In this collection there are a wide variety of colors to choose form, you have the ultimate access to diversity and originality. Combinations and design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Do you like dark walnut brown with decadent swirls if coppery wood grain? Or would you prefer neat, tight stripes of bright tawny wood laid perfectly in a row? This collection has the aesthetic solution for you. From red to grey, blonde to brunette, sandy oak to syrupy maple, the choice is yours with this original selection.

Alloc Original flooring allows you to choose from over 15 different sizes and five collections to add some zest and modern flair to your home or business. This laminate flooring line strives to put the style back into the laminate flooring world and avoids the ordinary and humdrum in favor of floors that ignite the senses. So if you want something that turns heads and starts a glorious conversation about how spectacular your property looks, choose for all your interior flooring needs. This hard-wearing melamine surface resists high traffic damage. More than just a pretty face, this collection has edges which are infused with wax for a water resistance. Designed specifically for durability and ease of care, this flooring does not require further treatment. No need to apply floor polishes, detergents, soaps or waxes. Enjoy your floor by simply sweeping or vacuuming as needed to maintain a clean and tidy appearance.
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