Alloc Elite

Alloc Elite
If youíre looking for elegance but donít want the fragility that comes with it, Alloc Elite laminate flooring is the series youíve been looking for. Dawning a wood-look, this collection poses as beautifully rendered hardwood. The look is so authentic you might even forget itís not actual hardwood!

Elegance comes in many forms which is why there is a selection of 10 colors and styles for you to choose from in this series. Some beautiful color options include Alloc Elite Glazed English Elm, which is a stunning deep gold color with a hint of red mixed in. The detail in the graining and imperfections found within this laminate series is kept authentic as possible. For more of a rustic charm, there is the Summer Evening Oak which captures the beauty of aging tan colored wood, peppered and cracked with gray throughout the planks. Lacewood Luster captures the many colors that may be present within a single plank of wood. This hue is full of golds, browns, dashes of red, and deep browns in speckles and graining and completely smooth. To finish it off, this wood is gorgeously polished and will give your room both hardwood beauty and shine.

The Alloc Elite selection of wood-look laminate floors measure up to the precise size of 47.39Ē x 4.95Ē. With that said, this selection will function just like any other hardwood flooring only without the high maintenance hardwood needs. Not everything elegant is high maintenance you know!
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