Alloc City Scapes

Alloc City Scapes
Alloc City Scapes laminate collection is a refreshing departure from the monotony of laminate flooring. In this collection, your options are anything but boring. This exciting line features the look and texture of real wood floors with desirable accents that lend themselves to be aged, vintage, and modern. Faux wood never looked or felt so good. Brilliant wood grain hues in this collection give every design enthusiast a large window for variety and various unique choices.

If you are looking for a fun way to enliven your home, shades like Alloc City Scapes Brighten Maple and Bristol Oak each present the lighter shade of oak wood accents without the high cost of hard wood. Slightly darker, but filled with copper-colored warmth, Central Park Elm and Carolina Hickory will fill your rooms with heartfelt modern charm. Airy and contemporary, these carefree wood tones ideal for a minimalist home. Central Park contains fine, orderly grains, streaked with rich auburn strips. Carolina Hickory maintains a wild feel, with swirls and knots of dark brown embedded within its cheery hazel nature. The darkest in the series is the more muted Del Mar Mahogany, awash with a pleasing variety of cool tones, dark swirling knots, and fawn bands. It is the well-worn, lived in cousin to the more buoyant siblings in the collection.

Alloc City Scapes flooring is pretty, tough, and economical. It measures in at 4.95 x 47.39 giving you a unique and very precise flooring size. Utilizing high-density fiberboard, this laminate is built to withstand whatever modern life throws at it. This hard-wearing melamine surface resists high traffic damage. As an additional bonus, edges are infused with wax for a water resistance. Designed specifically for durability and ease of care, this flooring does not require further treatment. No need to apply floor polishes, detergents, soaps or waxes. Simply sweep or vacuum your floor to maintain a clean and tidy appearance.

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