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Vintage Pioneered Domestic Vintage Ash

Vintage Pioneered Domestic Vintage Ash

The Domestic Vintage Solid Ash collection from Vintage Hardwood offers three finishes with distinct grain characteristics and dramatic interplay between light and dark highlights that look effortlessly chic and inviting. Ash comes in a wide variety of tones and grain patterns, which means it harmonizes with almost any design aesthetic; with ash hardwood flooring from Vintage Hardwoods, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality available. Eco-friendly and eye-pleasing, the Domestic Vintage Solid Ash collection by Vintage Hardwood will give your home a jovial spirit, perfect for bringing the family together on holidays, relaxing after a hard day’s work, and living the rest of your life.

These strong, enduring wood floors are available in widths of 2.25”, 3”, 3.25”, 4”, and 5”, and come in five finishes both light and dark. Carriage House is a popular option for its warm brown tones and caramel hues that we love for the kitchen and dining room. Carleton is a slightly darker shade with more distinct grains that ripple with ease and effortless beauty. If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, we recommend Natural, with its untouched bright beige and tropical sand tones, while Duchess has the most expressive grains - dark chocolate against a toffee colored body that goes well with heavy fabrics and large furnishings. Trust us; no matter your design philosophy, you won’t be disappointed with the crisp, clean tones of the Domestic Vintage Solid Ash collection.