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Vintage Pioneered Domestic Estate Maple

Vintage Pioneered Domestic Estate Maple

One of the most attractive features of genuine maple hardwood flooring is its close grains, resulting in subtler grain patterns than other hardwoods, and the Domestic Estate Solid Maple collection from Vintage Hardwood presents a series of elegant maple floors with delicate swirls of grain that go with a wide range of home décor. Maple is also an extremely durable hardwood that resists scratching, so your floors will maintain their sheen for years to come. Offered in four sizes and 13 finishes, you can tailor your floors to match your particular design philosophy. Tones range from natural, sunny hues, to deep, dramatic shades that look daring and impressive, so both traditional and contemporary decorators will love the selection of floors offered by the Vintage Hardwood Domestic Estate Solid Maple collection.

Offered in widths of 2.25”, 3”, 3.25”, and 4”, this collection is versatile while consistently beautiful. One of our favorite selections is also popular with modern designers; Taboo offers deep charcoal grays with traces of silvery gray that make vivid colors like bright green stand out with amazing clarity in your home décor. Natural Maple is a sunny shade of beige with lemon yellow accents that creates a simple, clean atmosphere perfect for a minimalist aesthetic. For a luxurious ambiance, we recommend the dark chestnut tones of Windsor in the living rooms and front rooms. Feel free to browse through all of our selections from the Domestic Estate Solid Maple series.