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Vintage Hardwood

Vintage Hardwood

Since 1989, Vintage Hardwoods has been building a legacy of superior prefinished hardwood floors across both Canada and the United States, with their exceptional collection of hardwood floors that utilize both domestic and exotic woods. Using eco-friendly methods of harvesting wood, including recycling materials like sawdust and wood cut-offs into particle boards for other industries, Vintage Hardwoods is committed to their LEED certified Naturally Green program. This environmentally friendly pledge makes Vintage Hardwoods one of our favorite planet-conscious manufacturers, because hardwood floors are supposed to express the spirit of the earth, not destroy it!

The wide ranges of woods offered by Vintage Hardwoods are available in versatile widths for ultimate customization, and feature all the elegant tones and grains that give hardwood flooring its distinct character. One of our favorite collections is Pioneered Domestic Estate Solid Maple, a durable hardwood with selections ranging from deep blacks and auburns that are hand rubbed with layers of consistent coloring, to the deliciously rich caramel and honeyed tones that traditional designers love. Pioneered Domestic Estate Solid White Oak offers a beautiful selection of shades both light and dark, but all with distinct and eye-pleasing graining that undulates with endless charm.

Pioneered Domestic Vintage Solid Hickory is part of the Select-V series from Vintage Hardwoods, and offers the perfect choices for designers who want a super strong wood with high board-to-board color variation for exciting visual movement. Contemporary designers will love the range of shades available in the Pioneered Domestic Estate Solid Red Oak, with its clear, bright peach-yellow options that brighten up any room, or the captivating, dark burnt umber shades with expressive grains. You live your life on these floors, and you deserve this perfect flooring solution to add instant elegance to your home.

The depth of tone and beauty of Vintage Hardwoods is unsurpassed, with the smooth, gleaming reflections that look brilliant in natural sunlight, and truly articulates a spirit of earthen joy.

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