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Vintage Pioneered Domestic Estate Red Oak

Vintage Pioneered Domestic Estate Red Oak

The durability and lovely reddish tones of red oak hardwood make it one of the most popular options in home flooring because it harmonizes with almost any design aesthetic. Now, Vintage Hardwood presents the Domestic Estate Solid Red Oak collection in response to the overwhelming demand for red oak floors. Each of the floors in this collection features strong grain patterns that stand out with beautiful clarity against the pink and red tones that look stunning in the sunrise and sunset. We highly recommend the Domestic Estate Solid Red Oak collection from Vintage Hardwood not only for its beauty but also for its enduring strength and resistance to wear, ensuring that you always arrive home to a veritable sea of rippling red grains that catch and reflect light with undeniable charm.

This collection is available in widths of 2.25, 3, 3.25, and 4 in a semi-gloss finish that looks naturally stunning. For a fiery, sensual atmosphere in your home, we recommend the sumptuous velvet red tones of Passion, with its distinct ovular grains that create an eye-pleasing motion throughout your rooms. For a more subtle elegance, Galliano is a light pink-peach tone with less obvious grains that blend softly in the body of the wood, and makes for a delightful ambiance. Bourbon is a favorite of shabby chic enthusiasts, with its high contrast of dark grains and soft coral pink body. With many more selections from the Domestic Estate Solid Red Oak collection, imbue your home with a warm sophistication that lasts a lifetime.