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StonePeak Rome

StonePeak Rome

Stone Peak Rome porcelain tile flooring is marble vitality at its finest! With low upkeep and minimal maintenance, this porcelain tile flooring is the ideal way to go when you want to venture into marble like flooring. Replete with heavy memories of ancient Roman times of aristocracy, and sophistication. You will feel rich, luxurious, and almost like royalty when investing in this tile flooring collection. Think of it as a fantasy trip back into ancient times reminiscent of your past fabulous roman life. Who doesn’t want to feel like there on a vacation that all the time?

Stone Peak Rome in the color Antique Rome looks just how it sounds with a caramel marble swirled appearance that highlights the pure beauty of ancient Rome and all its luxurious splendor. Try this particular shade in your bathroom for a more relaxing feel I promise it is to die for. Stone Peak Rome Imperial has a far more regal and defining appearance that allows one to be transported to the golden era of the ever so fascinating country that is now Italy. Each color and shade offers a Cover Base for further enhancement to add a rich appeal to any room.

Choose from the currently trending large format in the 24 x 48 size. Smaller but still refined options such as square, 24 x 24,’ and the rectangular 12 x 24,’ size can be used to propel your home or business to an unearthly level. Both tones also come with a 3 x 12’ bullnose to further enhance that ancient yet sophisticated aesthetic to your property. As if that is not enough, there is also a 2 x 2’ and 1 x 2’ Brick Joint Mosaic addition to bring your space to an optimal level of beauty. If you long for the days of yesteryear and want a little piece of Roman history in your permanent possession, choose this porcelain tile collection to satisfy all your exotic time traveling needs.