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StonePeak Cottage

StonePeak Cottage

Stone Peak Cottage porcelain tile flooring is a bold new take on the popular wood-look style. This striking lineup of wood look porcelain tiles captures the look of distressed natural hardwood in a much more durable design. The surface is remarkably accurate with distinctive grain lines, eased edges, and plank­like dimensions to mimic the natural attributes of hardwood.

A porcelain tile's surface is resistant to moisture and less prone to stains and scratches than other alternatives. The series is suitable for both residential and commercial use. In this way, it’s an ideal choice for use in high traffic areas where a wood look is desired, but where actual hardwood just wouldn’t hold up.

Designers and flooring contractors can choose a wood look porcelain tile in 4”x24”, 6”x24”, and 12”x24”. The many sizes make it easy to customize design effects in separate rooms. Each size further highlights the natural wood look. The tile planks can be installed in a variety of layout patterns to create striking custom designs.

So, what color of porcelain floor tile is best for you? Cottage Beach House is a light beige that is well suited for rooms with natural light and large windows. The sunlight puts details of this wood look porcelain tile on full display. You will see the fine grain and veining that replicates the surface of popular species.

For neutral colored porcelain tiles; Cottage Country Farm is an oak­inspired medium brown. You can install this model in rooms with any décor scheme for a versatile choice as design trends change over the years. Similarly, Mountain Retreat is a walnut­inspired dark brown shade and City Loft boasts a dark ebony hue that looks elegant in any environment.

Whatever the choice, you can expect lasting performance under all conditions from the lineup. Our porcelain floor experts are happy to suggest what size and color best match your project needs.

To order Stone Peak Cottage porcelain tile flooring , please call our product experts for assistance.